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Have you suffered an accident or your vehicle is experiencing power failure? MJCS professional towing has some of the best flatbed tow trucks to provide you quick & reliable towing in Irvington, NJ. Call our expert towing specialists now anywhere in New Jersey.


Flatbed Tow Trucks – The Best Tow Trucks for Your Emergency Towing

Flatbed Tow Trucks get their name from their flat appearances. They are one of the highly sought out towing machines in New Jersey. People prefer flatbed tow trucks because of the maximum safety & security which these tow trucks offer to their customers. They are a great option for accident recovery, valuable vehicle transportation and long distance towing. Flatbed tow trucks are specially designed towing machines where the ramp of the tow truck is lowered down allowing the vehicle to easily drive up on the towing panel. Once it is loaded, the vehicle is strapped in firmly using chains.

At any instance, if your vehicle breaks down or you want multiple vehicle towing in the safest manner, flatbed towing is the perfect, cost-efficient option for people searching for tow trucks.

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| Mjcs Towing &Amp; Recovery

Why to Trust MJCS Towing for Flatbed Towing in Irvington NJ?

At MJCS Towing, we bring some top-of-the-line flatbed trucks to help you provide quality service in New Jersey. Are you experiencing a roadside emergency? Call our towing specialists in New Jersey now and we will send one of our responsive fleet to provide you with quick assistance. Our special-built low profile flatbed tow truck offers decreased loading angle and provides accessibility for heavier & longer vehicles to easily travel up on the flatbed tow truck. Our experts have extensive knowledge & make sure to provide you with top quality towing experience for your vehicles. Have any specific towing requirements?

Get affordable flatbed towing in New Jersey now from one of the best towing specialists in Irvington.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Flatbed Tow Truck?

In flatbed tow trucks, your vehicle doesn’t have any direct contact with the road. It’s because all the wheels of your vehicle are off the road and are on the surface of your flatbed tow truck. Since the wheels of the vehicle are not aligned with the road and are not in direct contact with the road, there’s hardly any friction or chances of wheel misalignment. It altogether provides a great towing experience especially when you’re concerned about transporting fragile or luxurious vehicle models. Some flatbed trucks have a long extended rear which allows multiple users to load a variety of different vehicles. Flatbeds aren’t only perfect for towing luxurious high-end vehicles, but you can also tow motorcycles, vehicles with low ground clearance, exotic vehicles, classic vintage vehicles or vehicles damaged in accidents.

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